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Our Services

Discover our array of services – ready on-demand, Ad Hoc style. Looking for a combination of services? Schedule your consultation now and secure a tailored quote to fit your unique needs.

We craft stunning online experiences through innovative web design solutions.

We streamline your marketing efforts with automated solutions and personalized follow-up services to maximize your impact.

We specialize in generating high-quality leads to fuel your business growth and success.

Website Design and Hosting

We offer affordable and nimble solutions for your online presence. With our own free website hosting software and a talented team of graphic designers, we ensure creative and customized website builds, typically ranging from 3-10 pages.

While we do not specialize in Shopify or e-commerce websites, we excel in providing business domain hosting for small businesses and service-based companies. Explore our domain and hosting packages to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Website Design and Hosting
Automation and Follow Up

Automation and Follow Up

Discover the ultimate solution for your business needs with our software that offers comprehensive features including automated email marketing platforms, CRM with automated emails, mailing automation, and automated email newsletters.

Designed as an All-In-One Solution for small businesses, the MindsetMKTG app combines the power of a sophisticated CRM like Salesforce with the simplicity of using Gmail.

Our team provides hands-on support to automate your communication and streamline your sales and marketing processes.

Say goodbye to ineffective chatbots and frustrating FAQs. We not only provide you with top-notch software but also assist with programming and resolving any errors.

Experience the ease and efficiency of advanced email marketing and automation with MindsetMKTG.

Lead Generation

We offer a range of strategies tailored to enhance lead generation and management.

Firstly, if we host your website, we’ll focus on SEO marketing with Google. This strategy offers long-term benefits by increasing traffic, improving site health, and enhancing public perception. It’s a foundational step for sustainable growth.

Next, we implement retargeting campaigns on social media such as videos and photos, making it an essential part of our lead generation strategy.

For qualifying businesses, especially those in Home Services, we offer a unique Pay Per Live Phone Call advertising option through our Local Service Ads. This approach is highly effective and ensures you only pay for genuine leads.

Our core competencies include Google Ads for lead generation, SEO marketing on Google, and the best lead management strategies across platforms like Google Search, Local Service Ads, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

Leverage our expertise to drive traffic, generate quality leads, and manage them effectively with our proven methods.

Lead Generation
All-Inclusive Website Management

Website Membership

As your business grows, you can upgrade or switch your plan at any time. All website memberships include professional website design, development, unlimited updates, hosting, and security by our in-house design team.



Per Month

Everything you need to present your business online with a 1-6 page website.

✔ $0 to Join

✔ Daily Website Backup

✔ Hosting Fees Included

✔ SSL Website Security

✔ Updates & Support

✔ Cancel Anytime

Business Pro


Per Month

Grow your website traffic by producing active content on a 6-20 page website.

Essential Features +

✔ Project Portfolio

✔ Professional Blog

✔ Post Active Job Listings

✔ Double the number of pages.

✔ Enhanced SEO from CMS functionality.

Master Suite


Per Month

A feature-packed website solution for businesses looking to maximize their digital presence.

Business Pro Features +

✔ 20 - 30 Page Website

✔ Lottie Animations

✔ Live Social Media Feed

✔ Advanced Forms

✔ API Integrations

✔ Custom Marketing Pop-Up

✔ 3rd Party Widget Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by automation?

We focus on automating tasks, and easy emails that are going to be sent out anyway. We automate notifications, organization of data and information between CRM's and other marketing tools.

Automation to us, is anything that can save you 5 minutes, without taking personalization out of the equation.

What are some good automations to have in place?

Depending on your business. Appointment confirmation and reminders are big, and most companies drop the ball with these. Same with Abandon cart email sequences... out of the box, most people only think to send one email - not multiple. Notifications, and internal project movement can be helpful too. Ultimately, its decided by what is important within your specific systems and processes

Why do you not create e-commerce websites?

Our team is focused. We have a specialty and we like to stick to projects we know we can knock the ball out of the park for.If you are interested in an e-commerce or Shopify website, contact us and I can put you in touch with a preferred partner of ours. (Andrew F, CEO)

What Hosting software do you use?

We have an in-house software, white labeled as MindsetMKTG. It has many functionalities, but acts as a web hosting and web design software. You will have free range to build your own site, or have the option to have us build the site for you!

What is a good budget to start with for paid advertising

You can spend as little as $1 per day depending on the given platform. That does not mean the advertisement will "perform" Based on your desired outcome, we usually suggest no less than $2,000 per month for any business looking to achieve measurable sales/revenue results. But you can achieve other results with less.

What is the largest budget you have managed hands on?

For one client, we have managed up to $80,000 per month in total budget. For our total client base at one time, we have managed over $500,000 per month actively.

Get in touch with us

We live in a remote-first world.

Our company is set up to operate 100% remote, although we try to keep our team local so we have the ability to collaborate live.

Depending on your project size and budget, we will make ourselves available to meet in person, but please expect us to begin our conversations virtually.

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Mindset Marketing is a Full Service Communications agency formed in 2017 in Detroit Michigan. Since inception, we have assisted 70+ local brands, all around the United States.



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